I want to point out that there is absolutely no truth to the rumor that the band Diamondstar is made up predominantly of the members of Paperbag.

I’d also like to point out that the members of Paperbag will not be in attendance Friday night, October 24th, when Diamondstar performs at the Token Lounge in beautiful Westland, Michigan. It’s the Halloween show, and we, Paperbag, are far too civilized for such nonsense.

We will in no way be playing all of the Diamondstar hits you have come to know and love over the many years that Diamondstar has been together, since we are not them. We will also not be playing two surprise cover songs, that equal — and perhaps, surpass — the je ne sais quoi of Diamondstar. Who, we are not.

For more details on who we are not, please visit myspace.com/diamondstarband for more details…

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