We have — very silently — “released” our latest album.

After something like 5 years of very, very, very slow progress, we are proud to announce that Papercuts is now publicly available for download in mp3 format only. Please see the front page of paperbag.net for links to all the songs.

Jamie is currently shopping around and trying to finalize the logistics of getting it mass-produced. Shortly after that is taken care of, we will be making our new store-front available for online purchase of *all* our albums (and maybe other stuff too!)…

Why would you want to *pay* for the albums from us when you can download almost everything in mp3 form? There are really only 3 reasons I can think of, but you may have others:

  1. Sound quality – The copies of the albums that you get from us are in original, uncompressed, audio format. Though many people don’t realize it, mp3 compression reduces the sound quality. On the other hand most people don’t notice it. I do.
  2. The package (That’s what *she* said) – You just might want our original printed covers, or the brown paper bag gimmick from our second album, or Jamie’s hand-numbered serial numbers from the first album, etc… Or not.
  3. The cost – We’re only going to charge for the shipping and handling, really. Basically the cost of the postage, the envelope, the cd, the case, etc. We’re not Metallica for pete’s sake….

Anyway, the process of creating Papercuts has been tedious at times, tumultuous at others; but make no mistake, underneath it all, it is always something we deeply enjoy doing. It is something we *need* to do…

…and, we have already begun experimenting with new material for our next re-birth… 😉

So thanks for listening out there, and thanks for being who you are. The fact that our music is downloaded the world over (I can see the stats in the logs… you people are out there…) is a wonderful feeling for us home-bodies and introverts. We come together to make music that is first-and-foremost pleasing to us, and fortunately enough, apparently pleasing to some of you. It means the world to us.


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