Folks…  believe it or not…  PaperBag has returned to the world with a new album, entitled “Wood->Pulp->Paper”.   We are dropping a new pile of song on you that were born out of a need to get back to that from which we all originated: the organic material that makes us what we are, and the music what it is.

Each song on “Wood Paper Pulp” originated from acoustic instruments, and was refined over time in coffee houses and family performances over a couple years.  We took the time to slow-age them in Jamie’s living room, and finally bottle them in various ways and locations around Michigan.

Let me warn you though, that while these songs all started out as acoustic ditties with acoustics, boxes, and such; we are who we are and could not resist putting down a little power where it was needed.  So you’ll occasionally hear real drums, electric & distorted bass, and some wailing/power guitar too.  However, all the songs still retain that “earthy” vibe from which they came to be.

At the time of this writing, we are shooting for a late-August 2016 release of “Wood Pulp Paper”, but in the meantime, hop on over to and catch a couple pre-release Lyric Videos from this playlist:

Woo hoo!

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