In the software industry, when they are about to release the new version of the software, and they make test-pressings of the disks, they call it a “Gold Master”.

I’m holding in my hands, the “Gold Master” of the new Paperbag album, “Papercuts”.

Last night, Scott, Jamie and I got together and put the final cut master together, and now we are just listening to it for digital imperfections before sending it off to the mass-producers….

So, barring any problems, (and I don’t forsee any), the official “release” of the new album should be just a couple weeks away!!! Can you even believe it?!?!?!

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  1. Scott Friedman:

    Can I order it online? I’ll be the first in Texas to own the new album!!oneone11!!

  2. jeremy:


    …absolutely it will be available online. In fact, it kinda’ is now, as are all our past recordings, via Paypal…. as we beta test our online sales…. more detail to follow!

    But thanks for asking, and good to hear from you!

  3. jamie:


    i’ve listened to it a few times now and i think it’s GREAT! LET’S DO IT!!!

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